Leading Edge takes full responsibility for the servicing and support of your employee benefits package. We work closely with the Human Resource Department as well as staff to provide ongoing service and support throughout your plan year:

  • Respond to inquiries from the human resource administrative staff for claims,  billing and coverage issues as they occur.

  •  Interface with the health care providers to assist your employees with immediate health care issues.

  • Direct assistance will be provided in     familiarizing any key administrative     employee with responsibilities to benefit issues should it become necessary.

  • Proactively monitor the pulse of the marketplace to offer new products or      technology that may be of value to you and your employees throughout your plan year.

  • Mid-year evaluations are conducted to assess the direction of your benefit plan. This process allows us to do mid-year  determinations of the rate adjustment  expected at renewal based on the claims data that is extensively evaluated. This is critical in designing the appropriate   benefit plan for the coming year.

Our Customer service is not A department, it's an attitude.